Journal of Economics & Business Special Issue - “Scaling Up The Fintech Business: Competition, Regulation & Data Management”


Call For Papers
Journal of Economics & Business Special Issue
“Scaling Up The Fintech Business: Competition, Regulation & Data Management”

Guest editors: Giancarlo Giudici, Laura Grassi, Paul P. Momtaz

Emerging technologies in finance have the potential to radically transform financial services by making transactions less expensive, more convenient, and more secure. At the same time, fintech businesses and their disruptive innovation unsettle established markets and pose regulatory challenges. These innovations have dramatically increased the amount of data being generated, and access to these data is vital both for businesses and regulators alike. Consequently, issues revolving around data access are crucial in both the competitive and regulatory landscape.

TOPICS: The aim of this special issue of the Journal of Economic and Business is to present the current state of research on this rapidly evolving industry. We are particularly interested in empirical contributions that address the following questions:
- How does fintech competition affect the business models and economics of incumbent players in the banking and finance business?
- Are partnerships between fintech startups and incumbents creating value through 'coopetition'?
- Are there 'regulatory arbitrages' between fintech startups and incumbents?
- How does open data contribute to value creation of startups and incumbents?
- Do unconventional data (e.g., social media, news feeds, satellite imaging, parcel flows) and data analytics create value in financial activities?
- How does the quality of data contribute to the valuation of fintech startups and incumbents?
- How can SMEs and consumers benefit from open data in banking (e.g., PSD2 in Europe)? Is there a socially optimal effect? What is the comparative evidence across countries?
- There are both regulatory and industry-driven approaches to open banking. The former has been adopted in Europe, the latter in the U.S. What are the conditions under which either approach is likely to be more beneficial for financial users?
- How can open data help to solve the tradeoff between privacy and security in the financial sector?
- How can regulators of financial services improve the efficiency of the fintech ecosystem?

Theoretical contributions introducing original models and frameworks to understand the importance of data management in the fintech business are also welcome.

All papers will be peer-reviewed prior to publication.

PAPER SUBMISSION PROCEDURE: Authors should submit papers electronically online to the Journal of Economics and Business (JEB) at Authors should select special issue “Scaling up the Fintech Business” when asked to indicate the "Article Type" in the submission process. All papers will be refereed. There is no submission fee. For additional information, please contact Prof. Giancarlo Giudici at The deadline for submission is September 1st, 2021. The JEB will publish the special issue in early 2022.

Submission Deadline: September 1st, 2021