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Philosophy Research Network Partners in Publishing

Philosophy Research Network
      PRN Conferences & Meetings
            2nd International Conference on Cutting-Edge Research in Humanities & Social Sciences´╗┐ (ICCRHS) 2021 subscribe_free
      PRN Subject Matter eJournals
            Aesthetics & Philosophy of Art eJournal subscribe_free
                  PRN: Aesthetic Experience, Judgment, Value (Topic)
                  PRN: Philosophy of Art (Topic)
                  PRN: Philosophy of the Arts: Fields, Genres & Media (Topic)
            Biology & Philosophy eJournal subscribe_fee
            Continental Philosophy eJournal subscribe_free
                  PRN: Critical Theory (Topic)
                  PRN: Existentialism, Existential Phenomenology (Topic)
                  PRN: Phenomenology (Topic)
                  PRN: Structuralism, Post-Structuralism, Deconstruction (Topic)
            Epistemology eJournal subscribe_free
                  PRN: A Priori Knowledge (Topic)
                  PRN: Formal Epistemology (Topic)
                  PRN: Justification (Topic)
                  PRN: Knowledge (Topic)
                  PRN: Perception (Topic)
                  PRN: Skepticism (Topic)
                  PRN: Testimony & Social Epistemology (Topic)
            Ethics eJournal subscribe_free
                  PRN: Applied Ethics (Topic)
                        PRN: Biomedical Ethics (Sub-Topic)
                        PRN: Business & Professional Ethics (Sub-Topic)
                        PRN: Environmental Ethics, Ecology, Ethical Treatment of Nonhuman Animals (Sub-Topic)
                        PRN: Technology & Ethics (Sub-Topic)
                  PRN: Metaethics, Metatheory (Topic)
                  PRN: Moral Psychology (Topic)
                  PRN: Normative Ethics (Topic)
            History of Western Philosophy eJournal subscribe_free
                  PRN: 17th & 18th Century Philosophy (Topic)
                  PRN: 19th Century Philosophy (Topic)
                  PRN: 20th Century Philosophy (Topic)
                  PRN: Ancient Philosophy (Topic)
                        PRN: Greek (Sub-Topic)
                        PRN: Hellenistic & Roman (Sub-Topic)
                  PRN: Medieval & Renaissance Philosophy (Topic)
            Logic & Philosophy of Mathematics eJournal subscribe_free
                  PRN: Philosophical Logic (Topic)
                  PRN: Philosophy of Mathematics & Logic (Topic)
            Metaphilosophy eJournal subscribe_free
            Metaphysics eJournal subscribe_free
                  PRN: Causation (Topic)
                  PRN: Identity, Personal Identity (Topic)
                  PRN: Ontology (Topic)
                  PRN: Possibility & Necessity (Topic)
                  PRN: Realism & Anti-Realism (Topic)
                  PRN: Time & Space (Topic)
            Non-Western Philosophy eJournal subscribe_free
                  PRN: Arabic Philosophy (Topic)
                  PRN: Chinese Philosophy (Topic)
                  PRN: Indian Philosophy (Topic)
                  PRN: Other Non-Western Philosophy (Topic)
            Other Philosophy Research eJournal subscribe_free
            Philosophy & Methodology of Economics eJournal subscribe_fee
            Philosophy Negative Results eJournal subscribe_free
            Philosophy of Action eJournal subscribe_free
                  PRN: Action Theory (Topic)
                  PRN: Decision Theory (Topic)
                  PRN: Freedom of the Will (Topic)
                  PRN: Practical Reasoning (Topic)
            Philosophy of Language eJournal subscribe_free
                  PRN: Philosophy of Linguistics (Topic)
                  PRN: Pragmatics (Topic)
                  PRN: Reference (Topic)
                  PRN: Semantics (Topic)
                  PRN: Truth & Vagueness (Topic)
            Philosophy of Law eJournal subscribe_free
                  PRN: Law, Legal Reasoning, & Legal Systems (Topic)
                  PRN: Legal Theories, Policies & Practices, Law & Society (Topic)
            Philosophy of Mind eJournal subscribe_free
                  PRN: Consciousness (Topic)
                  PRN: Content, Intentionality, & Representation (Topic)
                  PRN: Epistemology of Mind (Topic)
                  PRN: Metaphysics of Mind (Topic)
                  PRN: Philosophy of Perception (Topic)
                  PRN: Philosophy of Psychology & Cognitive Science (Topic)
            Philosophy of Religion eJournal subscribe_free
            Philosophy of Science eJournal subscribe_free
                  PRN: Biological Sciences (Topic)
                  PRN: General Philosophy of Science (Topic)
                  PRN: Physical Sciences (Topic)
                  PRN: Social Sciences (Topic)
            Social & Political Philosophy eJournal subscribe_free
                  PRN: Authority, Legitimacy, Secession, Revolution, War, Diplomacy, Peace (Topic)
                  PRN: Consent of the Governed, Democracy, Forms of Government Generally (Topic)
                  PRN: Discrimination, Oppression, Coercion, Consent to Risk or Harm, Violence (Topic)
                  PRN: Distributive & Economic Justice, International & Global Justice (Topic)
                  PRN: Human Rights, Justice for Nonhuman Animals, Ecologies, Environments (Topic)
                  PRN: Metatheory, Methodology, Standpoint Theory (Topic)
                  PRN: Political Processes, Public Policies, Individual & Social Well-Being (Topic)
                  PRN: Punishment, Corrective Justice Generally (Topic)
                  PRN: Race, Gender, Disability (Topic)
                  PRN: Social Norms & Institutions, Collective Action, Rational Choice (Topic)